On the First of June

After missing several lessons I called one of my pupil’s parents.

She did not hear the call because she worked in a field; For food.

I left a message for her. Why had missed Dato his English lessons I was interested.

The social situation in the district is hard but it was harder to hear the facts.


“I Do Not Want Young People To Be Unable to Get an Education Because of Lacking Money” – Temur Ikoshvili

The interview was recorded by Radio Fortuna, author: Nanka Kokiashvili

Full interview fortuna.ge

How did your parents bring you up, what was exemplary for you?

A close environment has great importance for the development of a person. Despite the financial difficulties, my family did their best for me to have all kinds of study literature.


Question of Radio Holding “Fortuna”

Author: Nanka Kokiashvili; Full interview fortuna.ge

Tell me about the students and the learning process, what method do you have?

I conduct group lessons. Two-thirds of the time is devoted to students’ engagement in dialogues, surveys, games, or any other activity.

I choose complex teaching, which includes all the components necessary for mastering a foreign language: reading, speaking, listening, and writing.


Sit Down, Two Points

Some students are wary and scared when they start studying. The reason is the negative experience in school when the teacher says harsh words and writes two in a journal.

I work separately to correct this mood. I explain to the children that there are friends here and talking is not punished. Even if they answer me wrong, I will move on to another student with a question.


Why So Cheap?

I teach the English language for 30 GEL in a month (less than $10), which is two or three times less compared to Shida Kartli’s prices.

Why so cheap?

My goal is to make learning English available to the wider masses.

Those who are thirsty for education, but with a small family income can not afford 60 GEL.

The main motivator in this process is not money.


Pupils Talk More Than I Do

Students say they cannot speak English. The reason we have to search in the past. They are probably waiting for the accumulation of a large supply of words and then they will start talking activities. That’s a mistake because learning half a million words means endless waiting, right? The student gets tired and gives up. He’ll think he will never start talking.

Many of them have already come with this mood. After taking the initial steps, they are surprised by themselves – learning English no longer seems impossible.


A Positive Boost for the District

I love Agara very much. While studying in the capital, I always missed this place. I supported the locals remotely, and by coming when needed. Especially in the initiatives related to the economic strengthening of the district.

Recently, I actively started thinking about returning to the town. I thought about what positive push I could bring to the daily life of Agara and surrounding villages.